Usability Tests - Functional Prototypes - Stakeholder Presentations - Graphic Design
A summer internship with the 3rd largest auto insurance company in the US.

UX Researcher: Unmoderated Usability Testing, Tool Evaluation
UX Designer: Wireframing, High-Fidelity Mockups, Prototypes
Graphic Designer: Static Graphics, Animations

Internship Details
June 2022 to August 2022
UI/UX Intern with GEICO
Tools: Figma, UserTesting, Axure RP

During the summer of 2022, I worked for 10 weeks as a UX/UI intern for the Experience Design team at GEICO. I specifically worked for the claims team, working optimizing user flows as a part of the customer claims process.


LinkedIn Hiring Materials
Graphic Design - 3 Weeks

I created a set of graphics to advertise open design roles to over 150k followers on LinkedIn.

The first project I worked on was a set of graphic materials to advertise open positions within the design team on LinkedIn. Before starting, I conducted a competitive analysis on what types of materials other companies were posting to announce hiring and what materials they sent to their new hires. I also worked extensively with the branding department to ensure that our graphics met corporate guidelines.



Axure RP Tool Evaluation
UX Design - 1 Week

I learned the ins and outs of Axure RP to assess how it it compares to other tools in the field. 

For this project, I was tasked with learning and evaluating Axure RP in comparison to other prototyping tools. This was in order to help the team determine which tools they should adopt and license for the following year.

Auto Liability Illustrations
UX Research - 3 Weeks

I ran an unmoderated usability test with 12 users to determine whether to continue with a new design. 

My team needed a better understanding of whether adding illustrations to the claims flow would help users correctly select the liable vehicle in their accident. I reviewed the proposed UI with the designer on the project, created a test plan and ran it by our researchers, conducted a set of unmoderated usability tests, analyzed the user responses, compiled a report of the findings and my recommended changes, and presented the results to a group of stakeholders. My research showed that the graphics benefited the user experience, as users had a visual aid to explain their position in an accident rather than trying to choose the correct text option. My presentation ultimately helped stakeholders decide to move forward with the illustrations.

2-Step Verification Unenrollment
UX Research - 5 Weeks

I ran 12 unmoderated user interviews to find trends in why people unenrolled from 2-Step Verification. My findings helped our mobile team address gaps in their process.

In order for our mobile experience team to understand why users were unenrolling from their 2-step verification (2SV) program, I conducted multiple rounds of user interviews. I initially planned to interview people from the list of unenrolled users and constructed a test plan on that premise, but this was impossible due to internal logistical challenges. I adapted the test plan to ask about 2SV programs in general and conducted unmoderated interviews through UserTesting. I compiled the results and my recommendations into a report and presented it to the mobile team.

Add Auto Repair Shop
UX Design - 4 Weeks

I created a high-fidelity prototype of a new feature in the claims flow to address business concerns. 

My team received a request to add a feature to the general claims process from one of the business teams. They sent a proposed flow and basic prototype to mock up how a customer might select their preferred auto repair shop. I worked closely with one of our designers to determine where we could improve on their design before creating a more polished prototype. I made the new prototype and presented it to the business team before handing it off for final implementation.