I'm Dylan, a user experience researcher and designer from Houston, Texas. I'm also a second-generation Vietnamese-American and a proud UT Dallas alumni. 

With a background in cognitive science, computer science, and human-computer interaction, I bring a unique blend of analytical thinking and creative problem-solving to each and every project.

My approach from the beginning of research to the end of design is entirely based on understanding users. I believe it is impossible to create a successful product without user feedback informing each step of the process. Whether I'm conducting user interviews, creating wireframes, or setting up prototypes, I always have the end user in mind.

When I'm not at my desk, you'll find me:

Kick-Starting UX Careers

Starting in the summer of 2021, I was an officer for the User Experience Club at UT Dallas. Serving as the financial officer in 2021-22, the secretary in 2022-23, and an internal advisor in 2023, I had the opportunity to help students from all sorts of backgrounds break into the field.

Because our university didn't offer a degree program specifically catered to UX designers or researchers, we helped provide the knowledge and skills necessary for students to start their careers. This meant hosting workshops, networking events, industry panels, design challenges, and an annual conference attended by over 130 students and local professionals.

Organizing Record-Setting Hackathons

Beginning in 2021, I worked on the marketing team at HackUTD. As a marketing coordinator for HackUTD VIII in 2021, I was able to help grow the brand presence both online and on campus. My work helped generate 1400+ registrations and 800+ check-ins, making HackUTD VIII the largest university hackathon in Texas.

In 2022, I was promoted to marketing lead, managing 9 different coordinators. Under my leadership, the marketing team helped produce 2400+ registrations and 1000+ check-ins, pushing HackUTD IX to become the 3rd largest university hackathon in the US.

Our campaign in 2023 led to 2500+ registrations and 1000+ check-ins, resulting in HackUTD X becoming the 2nd largest hackathon in the country.

I might also be:

Collecting Keyboards

Building Computers

Shooting Hoops

Assembling Gunpla