Usability Tests - User Interviews - Functional Prototypes -  Stakeholder Presentations - Developer Handoffs
My time as a full-time designer at a leading US home and auto insurer.

UX Researcher: Usability Testing, User Interviews, Competitive Research Research Presentations
UX Designer: Journey Mapping, Prototyping, Component Design, Library Design, Proposal Presentations

More Details
June 2023 to October 2023
Tools: Figma, UserTesting, Axure RP, Quantum Metric

While finishing my Master's Degree, I was employed as an associate designer at GEICO, serving as a UX researcher and designer. The majority of my work was centered around DriveEasy, a telematics initiative I helped iterate in preparation for our customer launch.

DriveEasy Settings

Most of my time on the telematics team at GEICO was spent building out the settings section of the application. I was responsible for taking rough wireframes and transforming them into development-ready mockups. This included constant communication with product managers and the development team to ensure that my designs met the needs of every stakeholder. The result was a fully functional prototype of the settings and comprehensive documentation of each component and frame used throughout.

Project Goals

My team's primary goal for the product at customer launch was to create a singular mobile experience where customers could both access their auto insurance information as well as view and manage the details of their DriveEasy policy. We aimed to provide customers with information about their driving habits, educate them on how to improve their safety, and display their driving history. These efforts specifically focused on improving the content of our messaging, making navigation around the application more intuitive, and promoting safer driving habits.

My Contributions

As the lead designer for the settings section of the DriveEasy redesign, I was tasked with taking previous iterations of the iOS and Android pages and implementing changes to address any concerns identified in user research. The primary problems I tackled revolved around how we communicated with the user, whether it was our iconography, word choice, or information architecture.

After finalizing my designs with input from other designers, product managers, and the mobile development team, I thoroughly documented each component, page, and feature within a mobile design library my team put together to make future iteration as simple as possible.